Nestled in the heart of Far North Queensland's 'great green way', in the borough of Euramo, lies the picturesque Riversdale Nurseries. Here in one of the most beautiful regions of Australia.

The location is simply idyllic, the mountainous rainforest gives way to a wide flood plain that in quick succession spills out across the beautiful tropical beaches of the island coast and into the coral sea.

It's here, wedged between the heritage-listed wet tropic rainforest of the Koombooloomba National Park and the stunning natural beauty of this family island section, from Dunk to Hinchenbrook, of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef national park.

The farm is situated on the banks of the Tully River where the flood plain is wide and the waters are slow. Not a good place for a swim but an ideal environment for our palms to flourish. The record-breaking local annual rainfall is made drought-proof by this inexhaustible reserve of fresh, clear, nutrient-full water which we tap for our irrigation systems.

Cosseted by this haven of tropical splendour, our palms quite literally grow in a garden of Eden.